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PSV005 - Sun Pack - Head Cabin


Sun Pack is Niki Smith. She grew up wild, in Colorado, amongst the punks and farmers, the degenerates and mountain climbers, the freaks and the folk singers. She went nomadic; lived in New York, traveled by land and sea around most of America, and made music everywhere she went along the way; boats, cars, roofs, ladders, lofts, alleys, forests, glens. She has since settled in Los Angeles (after recording this album and living in Denver) where she has taken root and embraced life by the sea. "Head Cabin" is Smith's first full length release as Sun Pack. Foggy vocals swarm and pass through breathy waves of processed electric guitar, synthesizer ebbs through the bones, rattling percussion hung up on the sand bar, thumby acoustic meanderings, alchemical multi-tracking: a sea breeze feeling. Lush atmospheres for a private property in the mind.


EDT 300 - hand numbered

cobweb & clear sea spray 150gm vinyl

two sided full color 12x18 poster

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first 50 orders come with limted photobook


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