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PSV004 - Hakobune - Seamless and Here



Hakobune (ha-koh-boo-nay) is the ever prolific Takahiro Yorifuji, from Japan. As Hakobune, Yorifuji has released an incredible library of ambient music, composed on electric guitar. Eschewing the laborious single-note, long form "drone" expectations that have saturated the ambient genre, Yorifuji instead focuses on dynamic shifting melodic phrases that overlap, shimmer, flow in and out of eachother, and ultimately, make for an enveloping, atmospheric listen. "Seamless and Here," the first proper international full length LP by Hakobune, finds Yorifuji, not making a statement so much as just doing what he does best. These compostions are tight, but billow like a sheet in the wind. They are concise, but retain an air of mystery.


This pressing, an edition of 500, comes in 5 colorways; editions of 100 each. Each colorway comes with a 150gm 12" record in a recycled cardboard jacket, and download codes. Each record also comes with a 12x18 poster featuring color-coded artwork corresponding to the respective colorway of the record. All 500 records come with pink labels with gold print.


Available for pre-order : 5/13/14

Shipping / Standard order : 6/3/14



Composed by : Takahiro Yorifuji

Mastering by: Mark Kuykendall at Unknown Tone Studios

Layout & Design by : Bonnie & Caprice

Cover Image by: Takamitsu Ohta

Poster Photography by: Keiichi Kondo





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