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PSV003- Cliff Dweller - The Dream in Captivity



Debut vinyl LP from L.A.'s Ari Balouzian. An accomplished violist, and frequent composer of material for film and television scores, THE DREAM IN CAPTIVITY culls from material spanning Balouzian's work and modes. A classic example of "L.A. Noir," the 4 tracks spanning the LP use eerie and beautiful surroundings paired with surreal juxtapositions to create unnerving and equally inventive sound collage compositions. Viola swoons across myriad radio static, industrial clatter, spectral hiss and garbled transmissions; the work investigates a world 'from the perspective of a young worm on the run.' Equally elegant and eerie, like skid marks leading off the road on a turn.






Produced by: Ari Balouzian

Piano and Accordian: Max Whipple

Drums: James Levine

Artwork by: Oliver Bernsen


Mastered by:

Mark Kuykendall (Unknown Tone Studios) & Dash LeFrancis (Mahalo House)







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