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PSV001 - Jerry Paper - Jerry Paper Feels Emotions




Debut vinyl LP from Earth's own and only 11th dimension pop artist, Jerry Paper (host body: Lucas Nathan). 12 interdimensional crooners for dancing sensually. Synthesizer communication hybrid. What does it mean to be a person living with technology? How confused can you be before you get randy and write a jingle? Who's Randy? I'm Jerry, Right?

edt 300 (100 lavender vinyl [out of stock] / 200 black vinyl)

150 gm quality stereo pressing

12x18" lyric sheet w/ notes on "Trance Channels"

purple & silver center labels
includes download code

release date 2/11/14







Please explore and enjoy this unique and informational documentary. 

This documentary is full of original music from the LP "Jerry Paper Feels Emotions."  

It was created by Spencer Gilley & Jason Harvey

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