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PSLTD001 - Daniel Bachman & Matthew Sage - Low in the High Desert i & ii

After an extremely limited run of 25 tapes in 2013 (and then some well-circulated bootlegs that followed in 2014) we are pleased to announce a definitive pro-dubbed edition of 200 copies of Low in the High Desert i & ii. After MANY requests to reprint this tape, we are very glad to offer a new edition of these two ten minute improvisations by Daniel Bachman and Matthew Sage. Bachman, a forefront figure in the expanding definition of Americana in contemporary music, claws with nervous energy (i) and rambles with shambolic wonder (ii) on the acoustic guitar.  Sage, a stalwart experimental/ambient studio tinkerer, creates billowing drones and atmosphere with his electric guitar, some pedals, and a brass slide, casting cloud shadows over the arid and rugged terrain painted by Bachman. These two improvisations feel like Colorado frontier foothill territory captured on tape; the altitude sickness, the thin air and yawning vistas, scrubby pines, a shadowy canyon, fresh snow melt. Now, half a decade later, the original uncompressed master files are produbbed and ready to hit the road bud. Let’s go to the mountains and try to breathe.


snow melt shell / thin sky imprint 

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