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PSCD1 - Francesco Covarino & Matthew Sage - A Single Double Exposure


Francesco Covarino is an Italian living in Spain. Matthew Sage is a Coloradoan living in Chicago. Just before Christmas, in 2017, their paths converged for the first time. They spent a day together recording improvised music, drinking seltzer, talking about (and eating) pizza and jalapenos, and discussing favorite musics. On “A Single Double Exposure” what equates to two sessions -- early in the day and later into the evening -- are compiled on a single CD. Covarino explores a textural and timbrel style of jazz percussion that deconstructs the drum kit into surfaces that are explored through touch and time. Sage loosely handles guitar and synthesizers to curious ends here, playing with melody and structure in ways not reckless but wiley.


These two improvisers quickly discovered that, despite growing up on opposite sides of the world from one another, and this being their first meeting, they very much speak the same language. Undoubtedly pensive at times, humorous in flashes, tranquil and light, itchy and anxious, these recordings capture one of those special moments when two artists share in the sparklingly intimate, bizarre and kind language of free music.

78 min CD in matte digipack

edt 50


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