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PS999  - M. Sage - Bias Folklore

As a final entry into the Patient Sounds catalog, a swan song to the format, the label’s owner and operator, Matthew Sage, has conjured two distinctive apologues on Bias Folklore. This set of side-long sagas reveals a shambolic ambient trickster at play, an unreliable instrumental narrator, a noise-table fabulist. These are wanderings jotted down thoughtfully but loosely. Jaunty invocations cast and cataloged in an acoustically treated cellar in a densely-populated swampland. A coyote in the wind jamming guitar on looping software, Kitsune and the contact mic, Loki’s MIDI and Prometheus' mixer. Comprised entirely of cuttings pulled from hours of extended live takes that have been carefully edited into two 30 minute programs, these tales feature adventures in both tranquil dappled realms and miry off-the-path bogs. Sitting in the spray of burbling chromatic fountains, jaded lyre plucking cherubs take selfies and accidentally airdrop them to nearby marsh-bound goblins rattling on surly hardware, a mix up, a shareware spell, a flashdrive full of bluetooth runes dropped in a well, a packet-switch, a pouch of code and toad’s bane gathered from the moss for the mage, losing the signal and getting aimless while corking bottles of tonics in stacks of cloud-borne libraries. The moral, if moralizing is even operative, is to make more time for stories. An experimental material folklore trinket for your next hi-bias campfire culture. Rest in Patience Sounds.


Granite shell / laurel and lilac imprint

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