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PS117 - Hakobune - A Fan, Strings, and Two Guitars

Takahiro Yorifuji is known for his romantically discrete electric guitar works as Hakobune, including his much revered Seamless and Here LP we released in 2014. On this cassette, his 3rd and last release for Patient Sounds, Yorifujisan abandons his electric axe and effects and picks up an acoustic guitar. Joined by Zeze Wakamatsu, the two players hold their two guitars to an electric fan whose blades have been removed and replaced with a string. The string strikes the two guitars, tuned to open and resonant major scales, creating a dense and enveloping chance operation drone. Despite this radically different approach, the melody and sense of dynamics are entirely and profoundly Yorifuji’s. Movements, timbres, and tones ebb and flow between the two instruments as their positioning reveals nuance. We were lucky enough to witness a performance of this music on our trip to Japan in March of 2019 and begged for Taka to release a version of this piece with us. We are very pleased to offer this composition, which was lovingly recorded by ambient maestro Chihei Hatakayama, who offers his own rippling and trademarkedly cosmic remix of the material on the tape’s B-side. This release is not to be missed.


Fan black shell / Silver imprint

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