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PS116 - Spencer Adam Grady - Passive Extremities (for Konrad D.) 



Music possesses the potential for memory to infuse into the waves of sound, for the past to suffuse into the present through the radiance of vibrating air. On “Music for Passive Extremities (for Konrad D.)” we see this potential exercised to profound effect through discerning minimal means. Spencer Adam Grady (half of the much beloved duo Padang Food Tigers) explores a devotional study in remembrance; these songs, composed with bowed banjo and accompanied by archival and delicate field recordings, are the wisping trail of patrilineal inheritance. Dedicated to Grady’s Dziedek (Polish Grandfather) these songs are deeply patient and reverent in their essentialist and elegant presentation. Refined spirit music in memoriam of forebearers and their beloved legacies. 


Dziedek brown shell / ghost white imprint

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