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PS115 - Julia Bloop - Out of the Bloop


Julia Bloop, however mysterious and subaquatic, emerges and scintillates in the sprightly dappled light just off shore on Out of the Bloop. Following well-received releases on Rotifer and Crash Symbols, this project (a branch off from previous PS artist Sunset Diver) continues to focus on dynamic applications of samples and textures. Julia Bloop displays a trademark tropic sensibility for timing, texture, and composition revealing a reef-sized dosage of aqueous and organic electronic music. This cassette establishes a very refined sense of restraint, a patient tension in holding back, a cool and keen ability to find delight in balance and small details. Looping cycles are marked by tender piano flourishes, melancholic smeared horns, chirps and whistles from exotic birds and rushes of water, and surprisingly dynamic equatorial kosmiche repetitions at a coastal lifestyle pace. Free dive into this surprise and find reward in the submerged super-unknown.

deep bloop shell / scintillating imprint

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