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PS114 - Prayer Generator - Eleutheromania 


This Denver-based duo of libi rose and d. brigman gather and summon a haunted lexicon of transcendent and weary transmissions on Eleutheromania. Obsolete electronic systems bristle with charms and charged dust blown across reams of skin-thin vellum scrawled with illegible calligraphy. The songs are strewn with melodious minor harmonics, penetrating drones, and flowing chord progressions that are skillfully paired with textural fragments and static hexes to create a discrete universe that is timeless and also potently timely. This wild yearning for freedom looks to the ancient past as much to the ancient present, where scholars lose face in the Lethe. Dabbling with apocryphal post-rock tomes, this cassette is as abysmal as it is rejuvenating; cathartic scraps of noise conjoin with wistful melodies to invite listeners to toe the shores of doom, see their reflections there, and to get lost in those distorted ripples.  It is a wonder to leave the mortal plane behind in a river’s mirror, but a challenge to return after such an echo escapes.

lethe shell / electric imprint

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