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PS113 - Brin - Hug Sway EP


The world is constantly vibrating, click clattering tinkers and piddle duds. Brin, aka Colin Blanton, taps into this babble and racket, and extracts an entrancing brand of electronic music from the prattle and murmur. This Portland resident has a knack for knicking just the right trips and topples, and turning them, through a plunderphonic sensory percussion practice, into intricate and radiant headphone visions. Blanton’s prior cassette Loose Leaf on Leaving Records served as an introduction to this particular, pragmatic, and paradiddled style, and the Hug Sway EP presents a highly focused dosage of signature Brin. Capturing the world and syncopating it back to itself as a playful and sprightly spatter of melody, timbre, and texture. The album wanders, never lost, between rapid fire soft glitch pop numbers and steam powered soft industrial hiss interludes. Every surface has a song in it if you touch it thoughtfully, and capture, and chit chatter with it.


Hug pink cassette / sway brown imprint

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