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PS112 - Rhucle - Photosynthesis


Rhucle is Tokyo-based auteur Yuta Kudo. He is part of the school of wildly prolific Japanese ambient artists that release stunning CDs on Chihei Hatakayama’s vanguard White Paddy Mountain label (Kudo also has many releases on many other fantastic labels). This cassette aligns with Kudo’s stylistic trademarks -- Rhucle has an ear for creating enveloping worlds of melody and texture that have garnered him steady and ardent acclaim -- but reduces those trademarks into a very potent and vibrant essence; pillowy synthesizer pads and lush field recordings create a delicate atmosphere for the assiduous process of converting light and water into energy, fruit, new branches. This is most certainly New Age music, yes, but it is also a kind of ancient music, a facsimile soundtrack for the enduring clorophyllic cycles of the botanic world. Spiral green cellular nourishment, chloroplastic zen, fluttering stream water and flowing xylems.


Sugar yellow cassette / root brown imprint

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