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PS111 - Wes Tirey - No Winners in the Blues

The canon of cosmic American songsters has long been marked by a wandering authenticity. Wes Tirey, a song and son from Ohio now in North Carolina, comes as true as the wind cutting down a city street on No Winners in the Blues. His wrought iron baritone vocal delivery, maybe a few too many grits, but this is no husky tumbleweed, it is a humid and sly tender night on the town. His impressionistic lyrics are glistening and dusty visions of a vivid past life lost in beer room jukebox stories; to say, “Wes is just a singer and these are just folk songs,” is to deny Wes a place around the campfire with the likes of other cosmic Americans like Ed Dorn, Fred Neil, Tom Robbins, Bill Callahan… not too afraid to be a little silly but totally wise and rascally like sparks cracklin’ or a flickering neon sign. Telling stories, maybe true, but ultimately belonging to this complicated American nightlife folklore. Tirey’s wonderful and curling acoustic guitar and narrative story song shavings remain the ground to stand on, lost among the atmospheric dusky accompaniment of ghostly electric guitar work from Shane Parish. A shuddering and sweet denim blue pocket full of stories and songs, a fingered pick worn sharp, a pen vivid and a voice low, boot the cobblestones and roll tired but trying in the alleys. A candid blues vision.


100 Winners Blue cassettes with Gold Imprint


SOLD OUT - 25 limited copies with a risograph art booklet featuring Tirey’s lyrics and visual art from Matthew Sage.

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