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ps110 crushed rose scan.JPG

PS110 - A Crushed Rose - Someone is Looking Out for Us

Alisa Rodriguez, known for her shimmering and foggy dreampop as Apollo Vermouth, presents work here under a new moniker, A Crushed Rose. Rodriguez shows masterful skills with electric guitar and effects in her work as Apollo Vermouth, but here she opts out from her trademarks; these compositions are created “without playing instruments” and instead predominantly using software, a new territory being explored by Rodriguez. Recorded after an Apollo Vermouth tour, and seeking solace while temporarily unemployed, these soundscapes dazzle in their phantom presence. A collection of dense and brilliant atmospheres concerned more with enchanting mood than with technical mastery. A blind fog rolling across the night, in the verdant hush, shrubs and valleys trembling. Wandering into a mossy memory and finding that place past tense, now, laying tangled in the undergrowth of the hospitable present and studying the mist moments.


Dusk  (purple tint) shell / Mist (silver) imprint

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