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PS106 - Nadir Bliss - Everything but Everything

Sean O’hara, a prolific home-recording Mississipian, creates music spanning many styles as Nadir Bliss. The project entertains pop sensibilities, wanders into and out of lo-fi aesthetics, and has an output that feels both casually proficient and anxiously groomed. On Everything but Everything, we are offered a ramshackle cassette quilt of tender melodic fragments and tape head collage. Centering on endearing piano noodling, muggy keyboards and brittle guitars, this scrappy cassette-centric cassette offers a unique and clumsy voyeuristic charm. A vulnerability is captured on these tunes and purveyed unapologetically, edits and all, in a way that makes the listener feel they are privy to a lost and kind treasure found pressed against the heads of an old but true thrifted deck. Press play and peek into this world.

memory amber shell / gilded imprint

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