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PS105 - Sacred Aviary - Zone Canopies

Air light and glistening like newly minted oxygen, fresh off the tip of a frond as it rubs against the fog front, Zone Canopies is a dazzling collection of humid aural landscapes from Sacred Aviary. After 2017’s stunning Coconut Dot Matrix (Big Ear Tapes) we find Sacred Aviary at similar coordinates, but finding new geographies to paint with soft focus flair; new age synth tropicalia, oscillating tabla rovers, field recording sojourns, ambient foliage, landscape aura, all glowing in splendid digital exotique. Not an island per se but maybe an inlet, or many, a slushed out rip, dipping into the burbling current, full res sea swell and sand, whispering palms full of kind secrets. Sounds enmeshed like an ecosystem to create maximum canopy and deep territory.

fresh fog shell / foliage imprint

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