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PS104 - Lake Mary & M. Sage - Lupine Deluxe

Two lost pups picked up by a she wolf and raised wild enough to one day settle a new western world. Lake Mary is Chaz Prymek, M. Sage is Matthew Sage. Here, these two collaborate on the full length follow up to their first collection, the beloved Wolfwalkers in Daylight. Following the uncomplicated model from their first sessions, Chaz and Matthew met in a basement for a prolific and almost instantaneous recording session. Prymek primarily plays electric guitar and electronics (with some holy harmonium added in) and his distinctive finger-pick style grounds these songs in an unapologetic and expressive platitude of pastoral Americana. Sage primarily plays keyboards, here clustering together minimal but eloquent phrasing that is as much new age synth wandering as it is gospel and west coast jazz sheared down to bare essentials (Sage takes to the guitar on a track or two as well). These songs are in many ways about getting lost and getting found, being picked up and suckled by a beast, nurtured by challenges.

bronzed shell / moon imprint


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