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PS102 - Willy Smart - Two Folk Songs About a Wish to Become a Different Animal


Willy Smart is an interdisciplinary artist based in Chicago. Willy's work often engages with archival materials, personal catalogs and journals, and through mediation or manipulation, turns something inert into something utterly charming. The two tracks that make up Two Folk Songs About a Wish to Become an Animal do exactly this; Smart sings traditional folk songs expressing these animalistic wishes into a MAX patch that translates their voice into MIDI and then into these whimsical and curious soundtracks. Their voice, whispery and light, flits in and out amongst the foliage of output melody. Sparkling jazz chords and strange glitches and silences lend a child-like wonder to this provocative and endearing set of song-wishes; a multi-species existential fairytale..




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