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PS077 - 食品まつり a.k.a FOODMAN - Hot Rice


食品まつり (Shokuhin Matsuri) a.k.a. FOODMAN is Takahide Higuchi. Further developing and redifiing the canon of footwork, juke, and electronic music as "academic music," this EP reduces the palette to essentials. Single ingredients chopped elegantly on the cutting board--advanced knifework--and placed considerately and curiously onto the brain plate. Never lingering too long, flashing pans, or the magic of steam to enhance flavor. This is FOODMAN as a daily staple. Pleasurable in its simplicity, yet nuanced in technique and execution. 


1st edition - rice blue shell / hot red imprint - edt 100 -- SOLD OUT

2nd edition - hot red shell / rice imprint - edt 100 -          SOLD OUT

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