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PS010  - KITES SAIL HIGH - "Motivated / Unmotivated"

Released: 2013

Mario Baltodano stormed onto the internet music circle in 2009, unleashing two EPs of forward thinking electronic music, rooted in beat culture as much as isolatory ambience. Four years (and much absence) later, he returns with "Motivated / Unmotivated," an LP length collection of tracks steeped equally in malaise and exuberance. Wooshing textural fills, obtuse beat maps, lush atmospheres and introspective compositions propel the listener through the creative turmoil artists are now faced with: to remain motivated? Or unmotivate? Attach or detach. Cut short and curtailed, or blown out in manic aural fits.


smokey c45 / translucent jcard / 2 color labels




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