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PSCD2 - Free Dust - Archive: Ash | Wave / Climate | Ripple

Upon moving to Chicago in 2014, Matthew Sage started cataloguing and releasing recordings as Free Dust. A step away from his primary musical output as M. Sage, there focused more on composition and complex studio editing, Free Dust became an outlet centered less on craft and more on confessional sincerity. It was also constrained by a reduced studio space, which led to a forced limitation: electric guitar, pedals, and cassette 4-track were the only tools permitted here. It quickly became a public wordless journal. Romantic but shook.


Across 2015, five years ago, four albums, one a season, were released online. This archive collects all four parts of this year-long cycle in one digital document. Approx. 160 minutes of ambient and experimental 4-track electric guitar dedication on two compact discs; moving fluidly between shadows of humid melody and rippling flutter, Sage amassed a year long chronicle of contemplative melodic impressions. In hindsight, these songs and scraps capture the immense and reaching ripple of trying, and doing, and failing some too. Reflecting on and making large-scale changes and the following positive and negative consequences. Longing and finding, and also not finding. Losing a little but gaining a lot too. Accruing some actual dust. 

Released as a limited edition of 100 matte digipak gatefold double compact discs to be sold in Japan for live dates in 2019. 

20 limited copies available via bandcamp now for US customers.

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