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Affordable editions of poetry, prose, archival texts, and other communications by diverse artists and writers from around America. All titles printed on recycled papers with full color covers and black and white contents. 

Jared Harvey - "The Atlantic"

Scattered and sputtering language like musical waves slashed by a wake, crashing in syncopated patterns affixed to the brick sea wall. Memory, location and remorse align in Jared Harvey's poem series here. The emotionless natural world is at odds with the confines of human feelings, and Harvey strives to align the two here as they cross currents in the chop trailing a tragedy.

10 pages

Sara Martin - Newton's Dreams

The conflict between the supernatural, the subconscious, with the rigidly true, the scientific. These two realms intersect at the threshold of the page in Sara Martin's poems. The confines of knowledge are witnessed to limit the expanse of imagination, and the territories of the mind are littered with the demarcations of experience, experiments, and facts. Equally philosophical, wondrous, and fixated on cellular truths, this series of poems is an invitation to drop in on a dream.

27 pages

Hannah Keene - thoughts lost in silence

Comprised of lists and taxonomies, directives and queries, images and evidence, and naturalist incantations, this series of untitled poems cultivate a deep plot of earth to be tilled, scorched, flushed, honeyed, left, returned to. The music of the language resonates across the scapes and surfaces and returns ashen, scarred, lush, salinated. Hannah Keene is precise in her craft, and lets silences rest open for readers to occupy with their own spells, to discover their own artifacts. 

29 pages

Matthew J. Sage - Elements & Manifolds

An accumulation of observations, actions, locations, people and the surfaces they touch as conjoined by plainspoken language. An account of fleeting moments in a life in the early anthropocene; moments plagued by ecological dread and camping culture, technological confusion and data in the clouds, and luscious textures we touch less and less. A collection of prose fragments by Matthew J. Sage, at times earnest, at times wry and cynical, at times kind, at times anxious to a fault, and always looking out for the weather. 

12 pages

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